Blog 6#

My new blog page is


Blog 5#

Guys, this blog layout is annoying me and I don’t like the theme so I’m going to create a new blog. I’ll post the new blog website when I’m done making it. The topic will be the same though.

Blog 4# Done.

I finally got it done as fast as I could. The bottom of the picture kinda gets lighter but eh, I didn’t feel like doing anything else because I’m getting tired. Since I used Sai for this I had to use some different techniques to get the shading right, I would first choose a color, then color in the space I needed in that color, after that I change the opacity of the color to the desired opacity…when adding the shadows I used the “spray-can(?)” tool, depending on how deep the shadow is the thickness of the line varies, I blend in the shadows using the blurring tool.

I think that is pretty much what I did.Image


Hello! Welcome to my blog page! This blog is mainly going to be about me ranting on about the pro and cons  about some drawing techniques that are commonly used and other ones that is not as commonly used. I will also give out tips and have some examples posted. I will talk about what I like about a picture ( I will also have a link or upload of the picture that I’m referring to) and what could of been done to make it better. I might upload a few of my drawings as I blog… I’m not a very good artist myself   ^^”  I will try to blog at least 2 times a week or more.